Winter in Utah

Hi there! It’s been awhile! I love looking back at this blog and going through all my old photos in one cohesive place, so I want to add a few trips we’ve been on recently for my own joy. 🙂


In February 2019, we went out to St. George, Utah, which is where my brother- and sister-in-law live with their children. We LOVE going to Utah, it’s such a beautiful (and underrated!) part of the US, so it was nice to go during a part of the year where you’d not normally think of visiting the desert. Seeing snow on top of cacti was trippy!

agave snow

cacti snow


My brother-in-law always manages to find the coolest places to take me to, and he knows I love my crystals, so we went to Glitter Mountain, which is on the border of Utah and Arizona. Glitter Mountain is an old gypsum mine that is no longer in use, but the ground and the little hills are COVERED in crystals that sparkle in the sun. It was MY DREAM!

IMG_3156utah glitter mountainIMG_3157


My sister-in-law and I went to one of our favorite places in St. George, Red Hills Desert Garden. If you’re a desert plant lover, this is your spot. They have a huge variety of desert plants and landscapes, sorted into wonderful little sections. This curly girl was one of my favorites!


Is there anywhere better than the desert?!


Read more about Utah/that region:

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