Jekyll Island, Georgia

I’ve just returned from Jekyll Island, which is a small island off the coast of Georgia and part of the Golden Isles. We first went last month for a little birthday trip, and went back because not only is it gorgeous, but every activity is outside and very spread out, so you really don’t need to interact with hardly any other people and don’t even need to be inside unless you’re sleeping. For a 2020 vacation, close to home and 99.9% outside is the best it gets!

The drive was a bit long from our house, but it’s all forgotten once you start the long drive over the bridge to the island! We like to stay at Jekyll Island Club Resort, the property is just overall stunning (bursting with flowers!), and they have a rich history and the trees are absolutely FILLED with Spanish moss!

One of the most popular spots on Jekyll Island is Driftwood Beach. It’s squishy white sand surrounded by MASSIVE driftwood and rocks covered in clam shells. It’s also dog friendly, which makes for the very best beaches in my opinion.

As you would expect on an island so small and charming, the primary method of transportation is biking. Renting bikes is super simple and it’s so relaxing to ride along the path by the boardwalk. There are flowers and butterflies everywhere, and palm trees sway in the wind. The ocean breeze through your hair is the best part!

And if that’s not enough, you can have a pre-dinner croquet match in front of the Club Resort, or take your bike over and rent a court at the Tennis Club.

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