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My name is Katie, my husband is Jeremy, and our pup is Lilly.


I don’t really know where to start, writing about yourself is kinda hard. First things first, I plan my holidays around flowers, because well, who doesn’t like flowers!

My favorite high is seeing fluffy puppies walking down the street, followed closely by finding the perfect piece of vintage jewelry.


Jeremy and Lilly were born and raised in Colorado, and I’m from North Carolina. We met at university in 2007 and have been together ever since.



I started this blog about 3 years ago, because I found it was much easier to share our photos with friends and family if I just popped them online. Plus I have a terrible memory, so it’s helpful for me to write down places I loved in a certain city so I can recommend them later.



Most of our days are spent strolling in search of those flowers I love so much, taking an excessive number of photos, meditating (sometimes falling asleep during), reading and writing, eating copious amounts of fresh pasta, recording our podcast, laughing at stupid jokes together, and chasing the sun.



Like I said, this little site started as a way for me to share my photos with friends and family, but I’ve really come to enjoy it and coming back later to browse through my posts.




I decided to put some of the more popular post links below, so that it’s easy to read more if you’d like. I’m really happy you’re here, Jeremy, Lilly, and I have so much fun together and it’s nice to share that.





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