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Below is an episode guide with pictures for shows that include a guest. We also do shows that are just Jeremy and I (no extra photos of us below, you see enough of these mugs already!), as well as little mini episodes where we give short updates about where we are in the world and what we’ve got going on.


Episode 50: Being that it is our 50th episode, we wanted to welcome back Logan Vargas as our milestone guest. Since Jeremy and Logan are long-time best friends, Katie decided to sit this one out and let them go down the rabbit holes of Logan’s many interests including WWE figures, MMA, summer break plans, and fishing. Jeremy also asks about Logan’s thoughts trying a vegan restaurant for the first time. After all of that, they were able to find time to touch on the serious topic of addiction.

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming addiction, please visit http://drugabuse.com/library/drug-abuse-hotlines/.


Episode 49: So, Katie went to California without Jeremy (rude), and here are her stories about it, including what criteria she looks for in her favorite cities, her ghost encounter at one of Hollywood’s oldest and most notorious hotels, and why Palm Springs will always be her Mecca. And as always with Katie, the conversation quickly turns to – and stays on – food.


Episode 48: Rose from Fit Snack stops by to geek out on nutrition, fitness, and some childhood reminiscing with Jeremy. She was surprised to find out that she was one of the first people he met when he moved to Henderson, Colorado as a child. Rose breaks us down on some healthy snacking options and shares the story of how her and her sister started their subscription company.

She ends the episode with a very uplifting and positive mantra, but not before she drops the 50% off of your first box offer just by being part of The Life Bohemian Family. Just go to http://www.fitsnack.com/family to take advantage of the offer and to start getting your snack on!

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Episode 47: Running with our Season 2 theme, we thought it might be time to really dive into what we’ve been up to. Life is not quite as exciting as when we were living over in Europe (not getting kicked off trains, smuggling Lilly into a new country, or standig on the sidewalk outside Starbucks at 1am stealing their wifi), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t making the most of it!


Episode 46: We’re baaaaaack! In what we’ve recently deemed Season 2 (!!!), we’re finally back from our unintended hiatus, and ready to party with our voices. In this episode, we’re talking about what’s next for us, why we chose this particular trip, the beginning stage of planning, and why we’ve been gone so long (it won’t happen again, promise!). Thanks for listening to Season 2!


Episode 45: We “met” Amanda Kendle online (how all good relatinships begin these days) when she reached out and asked us to be guests on her podcast. Of course we said yes, and bonded instantly with Amanda. She’s lucky enough to live in gorgeous Australia (accent envy!) and we used this episode to chat across the miles. She also encouraged our obsession with animals by showing us the #quokkaselfie hashtag on Instagram.

Follow: Listen to Amanda’s podcast, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, and read along on her blog, Not A Ballerina. You’ll love both!



Episode 44: Hooman Bahrani is sort of a legend in the Kloberdanz household. He was our wedding photographer many years ago, and tore up the dance floor at the reception. He’s also a good friend, and our #1 source for really cool news stories. In this episode, we talk about it all, from Hooman’s career once upon a time as a corporate airline pilot to what he thinks is the best equipment for an ameteur photographer.

Follow: Need photos at your wedding or event? Take our lead and hire Hooman. Not only is he a freaking fantastic photographer, he’s a really wonderful person. Win win.



Episode 43: In this episode, we have our first ever repeat guest, and it’s a good one – Alaina Isbouts! We talked to Alaina about her recent road trip through England, Scotland, and Ireland (including lots of scotch!). She also tells us about her newly completed book and the top 5 places on her travel wish list. (You can also hear Jeremy invite himself on every single on of those trips, too.)

Follow: Find Alaina on her site here, and here on Instagram. She’s also on Facebook and if you need travel advice, check out her stellar travel guides!



Episode 42: Tofurkey Day Special! Playing the “What I’m Thankful For” game.

Episode 41: Talking “cathedral fatigue” and alien tracking chips.

Episode 40: “Sooooo, what would you say it is that you do?!”

Episode 39: Using memes, gifts, and The Onion to determine who we’re voting for.


Episode 38: We started our podcast with one very simple goal: to talk to interesting people and hear their stories. Well, that’s exactly what we’re doing in this episode. Katie McKnoulty created The Travelling Light, a website where she shares beautiful photos and stories from her travels around the world. Currently camped out in Paris, Katie talked to us about everything from her early exposure to travel to an upcoming (spontaneous!!) trip to India.

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Episode 37: Our last week in Slovenia and first week in Austria!


Episode 36Paul Kortman and his wife Becky are living the travel dream – with 4 kids and a dog in tow! Passionate about showing families that travel doesn’t end with kids, The Kortmans have a popular blog and Facebook group. Check out this episode if you want to laugh along with us at one of Paul’s more unfortunate visa runs between Mexico and Guatemala.

Follow: Along with the website and FB group, connect with Paul and his family on Instagram and check out their podcast, NomadTogether.

View More: http://coltongrant.pass.us/weerstra-family


Episode 35: Our last week by the beach (so sad!). I get really dramatic over leaving in this mini-episode.

Episode 34: All about our second week in beautiful Croatia.

Episode 33: We’re talking all about our first week in Croatia.

Episode 32: Jeremy and I give a glimpse into some of the weird convos you have when you spend 24/7 together.

Episode 31: I tell Jeremy all my secrets of booking travel on a budget.

Episode 30: Jeremy and I talk about the catch-22 of always being connected.


Episode 28: In this episode, Jeremy reconnects with his old high school buddy, Jerod Sena, better known by his artist’s moniker of Teddy Nigels. While he now does incredible tattoos, he wasn’t always on that path. The guys break down the road to embracing art as a career, and discuss a bit of philosophy while they’re at it.

Follow: You can find art and information about his tattoo work at www.teddynigels.com, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.


Episode 27 + 29: These episodes are extra special ones, because they features my mom! Jeremy has spent the last 10 years or so picking on her for various reasons and has told many a funny story about her on this very podcast. Finally, my Mom is here in two seperate shows to defend herself… you’ll just have to listen to see how well that goes.

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Episode 26: Jeremy and I talk about the differences between Europe and the United States.


Episode 25: Jeremy and I discuss my journey into minimalism.


Episode 24: In our very first live episode, you’ll get me, Jer, and Melissa Smrekar, one of my very best friends. We recorded this episode from an apartment in Rome, Italy, and maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s one of the best yet. Being a humorist, Melissa is obviously funny, but also honest and engaging. Listen along to hear all about Melissa’s creative process, her favorite comedians, and what it’s like to always be dubbed the funny friend.

Follow: M also runs an extremely astethically pleasing Instagram, plus google her full name to watch some hilarious YouTube videos.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.30.15 PM.png


Episode 23: Today, it’s our ANNIVERSARY EPISODE! A few weeks ago (March 24th to be exact) marked our 1 year anniversary of full time travel. We procrastinated a little with recording a show about it, but today Jer and I finally sat down and talked about some of our favorite things from the past year and what we’re most excited for in year two!

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Episode 22: Today, Jeremy talks with Maghon Taylor, the creative guru behind All She Wrote Notes, a fun and whimsical calligraphy studio. In the short span of 2 years, Maghon grew her hobby into a full time business (#girlboss goals) and you don’t make that happen without being passionate about your creative calling. If you need a dose of energy, this is your episode.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.50.22 AM———-

Episode 21: The episode features Alana Fickes, filmmaker, YouTuber, photographer, and travel host. Alana loves life and it shows – she’s vibrant and personable, and talks with Jeremy about a whole range of topics, from her passionate work on documentaries (and Jeremy’s passionate viewing of them!) to her unique upbringing in Hawaii and everything in between.

Follow: In addition to her eye-catching videos, you can find Alana on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to check out the site for Losing Sight Of Shore to get the most up to date info on Alana’s latest project.


Episode 20: In our 20th episode (!!!), Jeremy sits down with his long-time best friend Logan Vargas. The two discuss how Logan swiped Jer’s homecoming date, his impressive collection of wrestling figurines, and the person he looks to for advice on gifts for his wife. Logan also opens up about his time wrestling and the highs and lows of that lifestyle.

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Episode 19: On the show today, Jeremy reconnects with long time friend Caleb Leyva. The two share memories from their past and Jeremy asks Caleb how he has been able to focus his energy to become really proficient at his hobbies. They talk snowboarding, guitar, skateboarding, and Jeremy fans the flames of potential for a summer meet-up in Caleb’s “dream destination” – the Greek Isles.

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caleb podcast photo


Episode 18: In this hour, Jeremy gets to talk with Chris Eagleton, a digital nomad who’s taking things to the next level by spending a year staying only in Airbnbs. Chris writes about his journey, and makes massively entertaining YouTube videos (shot entirely with his iPhone!). Jeremy and Chris have a lot in common, and talk about how to optimize and streamline your life.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.45.24 PM———-

Episode 17: In this episode, Jeremy sits down with Melissa Hillas, the creative force behind Gypset Girl. Melissa shares the inpsiration behind her pop-up shops, a couple of crazy stories from her years on the road, and her favorite bohemian enclaves around the world. Jer and Melissa also discuss how the right place can capture your attention and provide a source of creativity.

Follow: Catch up with Gypset Girl on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, check out her pop-up shops for unique boho gems.

Gypset Girl


Episode 16: Today, Jeremy talks to Danika and Chris  from No Destinations. They left their home in California 2 years ago and have been (literally) around the world ever since – a complete inspiration for us. Jer, Danika, and Chris discuss what you give up when you embark on this crazy travel journey, their “oh, shit” moments, and what it’s like spending 24/7 with your significant other.

Follow: If it’s travel porn you’re after, Chris and Danika’s Instagram account is where you’ll find it. They’re also at home here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.43.27 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.41.52 AM———-

Episode 15: In this ep, Jeremy talks to Armando Morales, Santa Monica resident and aspiring surf bum. Armando and his wife just returned from a whirlwind trip that began in Hawaii and ended in London, touching down in 7 countries over 20 days. Jer and Armando discuss his childhood in Mexico, growing up in a bilingual family, and living a hobby-oriented life.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 4.26.21 PM———-

Episode 14: Today, Jeremy talks to Kara Mulder, author and Chief Creative Adventurer at The Flight Attendant Life. The FA Life is a charming, funny, and most importantly, real account of what it’s like to work at 36,000 feet. They also discuss their favorite cities around the world, making new friends in the internet age, and “home” as a fluid concept.

Follow: Play “Where In The World Is Kara” on Instagram, and read my current favorite post of hers, a behind the scenes look at the gorgeous new Dreamliner on The Flight Attendant Life.

Kara 3Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.14.38 AM.png———-

Episode 13: In this episode, Jeremy talks to Justin Hammond about living in China and exploring all around Asia. Justin also busts out a sample of his language skills. Plus, if you’re into board sports of any kind, Justin in your man. As the Co-Editor and Head Journalist at Boarders Magazine, you may think he doesn’t have any spare time, but he also runs DFW Surf.

Follow: Check out Boarders Magazine here, and if you’re in the Dallas area, stop by DFW Surf for one of Justin’s Saturday SUP Glow Tours. You can also keep up with like minded boarders on Instagram.


Episode 12: What do you do when you feel like you’ve hit a crossroads in your life? For Alaina Isbouts, you move to Prague on a whim. Listen as Jeremy and Alaina discuss her decision to move, how it drastically changed her life, and why her two young boys have a travel fund (cause how cool is that?!).

Follow: Alaina writes the funny, and refreshingly real, blog So Alaina and you can see her out-of-this-world adorable babies on Instagram. Alaina is also on Facebook and Twitter (hockey tweets ahead!).


Episode 11: In this episode, Jeremy has a chat with his childhood friend Brandon Whalen, who is a super talented member of the band My Body Sings Electric. The guys talk about life on the road and the sacrifices Brandon was willing to make to follow his dream. Plus, you’ll hear a never-before-told embarrassing story and Jeremy invites himself along on an epic South American trip.

Follow: Keep up with the guys from My Body Sings Electric on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website. If you’re into cool Twitter accounts (aren’t we all?!), add Brandon to your feed.

Also, being a really cool human, Brandon asked for donations to Charity Water in lieu of gifts or well wishes for his birthday.

imageimage (2).png———-

Episode 10: Jeremy and David Huerta chat about growing up together in small town Colorado. They talk about snowboarding, surf school, and living in a bilingual household. You’ll also find out which one may have had an interesting foot odor issue.

Follow: David is most likely found on the slopes at Beaver Creek or Keystone.


Episode 09: In this episode, Jeremy talks to his good friend Matt Reinick about their shared obsession: golf. Matt has his pro card, and has figured out how to make his love of golf into a thriving career.

Follow: Find Matt on the links at the Golf Club at Fox Acres in beautiful Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.


Episode 08: Today, Jeremy talks to David Case, trainer extraordinairre. If he can get me to run, he can probably get you into shape. Jeremy and David discuss their mutual love of fitness, and what can be done to stay in shape on the road.

Follow: Do yourself a favor and take a group or personal class with David at OakFIT in Dallas, Texas. He also trains at Equinox in Preston Hollow and Highland Park.


Episode 07: In this episode, Jeremy talks to his furthest guests ever, Sam Thomson and Lexi Rooney, who are in gorgeous Sydney, Australia. We met Sam and Lexi in a totally random way (don’t you love when that happens?!). Plus, they just got back from an epic trip through California, Mexico, and Cuba.

Follow: Catch up with Sam and Lexi on their Instagram pages: Lexi, Sam.



Episode 06: Jeremy talks with someone he’s know his entire life (literally) – his brother, Ricky Urias. They discuss martial arts, and how Ricky followed his unique dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter. If you like tattoos, guns, and graffiti, you’re gonna wanna listen to this one.

Follow: See life through Ricky’s eyes on his Instagram.


Episode 05: Jeremy talks with Jeff Lambert, another kindred spirit who’s passionate about living abroad and exploring the world. The guys talk about Istanbul, scuba diving, and the hurdles of trying to move to a country that’s not your own.

Follow: See what Jeff’s up to on Facebook.


Episode 04: This week, Jeremy sat down with Kelsey Johnson, someone who truly does embody the life bohemian vibe. An outdoor lover with an ultra compassionate heart, their conversation runs the gamut from heated dance competitions to Kelsey’s extended travels through Asia.

Follow: Kelsey’s a Pinterest star, if you haven’t seen her extremely aesthetically pleasing world, step inside. And as mentioned in the show, support Minnesota State Parks.



Episode 03: For this episode, Jeremy talks to none other than Brent Reinick, his long time friend and high school partner in crime. Brent’s a self-proclaimed Las Vegas expert, and an avid concert attendee. The guys also play the slowest game of Lightening Round ever.

Follow: Catch up with Brent and find out who he’s seeing live on Facebook.


Episode 02: In this episode, Jeremy talks to his former boss in Dallas, Cort Quigley. The two talk in depth about their love of basketball and the impact the sport had on their lives. Cort also talks about his unique upbringing.

Follow: Cort trains at RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu in Dallas, Texas.


Episode 01: In the inaugural TLB Podcast, you’ll get to hear from both myself and Jer, a bit about our back story, the answers to some frequently asked questions, and some details on how we got to be full time travelers. After the mini get to know you session, Jeremy talks to Emily from Our Open Road, one of the most inspirational travel blogs out there.

Follow: Keep up with Emily, her husband Adam, and their two daughters on their site, Our Open Road, and via Instagram.